Hello, world

30. 04. 16

So here I am, writing my very first blogpost, stepping out of my comfort zone and hoping this is the start of something amazing. As I am sure you have guessed my name is Eva, I am 24 years old and I live in Ljubljana, Slovenia. I love daydreaming, laughing to tears, travelling, counting planes, watching sunsets, hearts full of light and starry nights.

I decided to name my blog Eva's sky. In my mind the sky represents a blank canvas which is yet to be painted with all the things I love. My blog is not just a fashion blog, it is a mixture of all things that catch my eye, that I like doing, that I like writing about. So expect a lot of random pictures, quotes, and songs.

''Never allow waiting to become a habit. 
Live your dreams and take risks. 
Life is happening NOW.''

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