20. 08. 16

Change. The only thing that's constant. Places change, your favorite song changes, the color of your nail polish changes, your favorite TV series change. Feelings change, people change. The latter may be the hardest to comprehend. Sometimes you just want to walk to the person who has changed completely, shook their arms and yell to their face ‘what happened bro?’. But you can’t. Because things change. People change. Sometimes change becomes an excuse. Other times it’s just growing up. Sometimes it’s a consequence of something that happened. Other times it’s a consequence of something that didn’t happen.

But. When your life changes, new opportunities come. When people change, someone better comes along.  When you finish one TV series, you find another one that makes you laugh/sad/intrigued/scared. In the end, change is usually a good thing. Wonderful, even. 

So please, don’t be afraid of things changing and time passing, just make sure you make the most of everything and find the time to dance.

So baby pull me closer in the back seat of your Rover,
We ain't ever getting older.

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