Role models

25. 09. 16

Let’s face it, one of the most frequent questions when growing up/applying for a job/talking with friends is ‘Who is your role model?’. Answers usually vary quite a lot and probably depend on your age as well. In your teenage years, your role model was maybe some pop star/actor, who’s now perhaps in rehab. When you grow up, the answer to the previous question typically becomes more thought out, like a person you really admire for their strength, wisdom etc. which of course is a valid argument. 
But you know what? My role model is my future self. She is the one I want to make proud. I think that we all aspire to be a person who, well, has their shit together. And why not work on becoming that person? Why not make an effort and make yourself proud. Our lives are quite hectic so we tend to forget what we really want and often we become too lazy or too comfortable. But I think that most of us think we have enough time and keep postponing reaching our full potential. Then days, weeks, months go by, and we still wish we would eat healthy, get fitter, or learn to play a new instrument. You can’t make that excuse forever. The truth is time flies. Think about it, it’s already the end of September, 2016 has gone by so fast.

You can’t rely on your future self to suddenly be everything you wanted, while your present self does nothing about it.

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