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So, let's talk about self-love. In my opinion, people are sometimes scared to say they love themselves, because they fear they would come off arrogant or too confident, when in reality it's a good thing. As clichéd as it sounds, everything starts from self-love. It makes you shine, makes you feel good and happy. Like why shouldn't we be proud of loving ourselves? It only means that we've accepted the way we are and don't dwell on our insecurities.
Social media’s a powerful thing and it can be deceiving as hell. All those ‘body goals’, ‘relationship goals’, ‘Instagram goals’, ‘whatever goals’ are to be taken with a pinch of salt. In reality, nobody’s perfect, not even that girl who has the perfect Instagram feed, always travelling, getting fit, eating photogenic food. But what we don’t know is what kind of a person she really is. One thing that I think people tend to forget is that our value and who we are as a person are so much more important than our appearances and having a 26429328 Instagram followers. Think about it, if you were for example to describe your best friend and why do you love her. How would you describe her? I highly doubt you would say that you love her because she has a great figure, a six pack, and eats neatly arranged meals. That’s not what you judge your friends on, so why are you judging yourself on those parameters? I bet you would focus on her personality and say that you love her because she gives great advice, is inspiring, considerate, and always listens to you. And that’s what people think about you. It’s not our appearance that defines us, it’s how we behave and treat others. So in reality, we should work on improving ourselves and strive to be a better person, instead of being a size 0.

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