Halcyon days #3

4. 07. 16

In June 2016 I have been

taking : lots of photos
drinking : mangonades
reading : I started reading about a thousand books, and that is where everything went wrong. I think it is safe to say that this was when my *lets-read-at-least-10-books-a-month* adventure went wrong
wanting : to calm my restless heart which wants like a million things at once
playing : with words
wishing : the world would stop becoming scarier with every day
waiting : for sunsets and cotton candy skies
loving : summer evenings
watching : 7th heaven, still :D
marvelling : at the golden hours
smelling : pinus trees
buying : watermelons (YUM!)
anticipating : new adventures with new people
bookmarking : various recipes that I am yet to try out
disliking : arrogant people
listening : to Chasing Mars and Oh Wonder
revisiting : Croatian seaside
feeling : nostalgic

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