Thank you

25. 05. 16

Once there was this kinda-tall-but-not-really curly redheaded girl who sometimes spoke too much and liked to walk around house without slippers. She was the type of person who took the long way home just so she could listen to more songs. She was also the kind of person who realized she made a grammatical error and obsessed about it for the rest of the day in silent shame and self-mortification. Maybe that’s why some of her friends called her grammar nazi. But we don’t know that for sure. One day that girl decided to start her own blog, told her friends about it, made some research, thought about how she wants it to look like and then begun.

So this girl wants to thank you for all your support and tell you she appreciates every view, every like, every follow, every comment, every mention, every share. Every everything, really.

4 komentarji:

  1. :D :D <3 everything for you, you lovely redhead! :D

  2. Zelo si simpatična, lep outfit in všeč so mi tvoje fotografije :)

    1. Kakšne čudovite besedice, najlepša hvala :)


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