US diary // part 1

30. 05. 17

So if you have been following me on Instagram you might have noticed that me and my boyfriend went on holiday. On THE holiday. We went roadtripping for 16 days through California and visited Nevada and Arizona too. Since there are so many photos to show and so many places to mention, I decided I am going to split our journey in 4 blogposts. So let's dive into the memories, shall we. :)

It all started at 2 am on a Thursday, 27 April, when GoOpti picked us up and drove us to Venice. We boarded our flight to Paris, where we (luckily) managed to catch our connecting flight to LAX. I think I probably don't have to mention that as we were travelling for 17 hours we were quite tired so we only grabbed something to eat and fell into our bed. We woke up pretty early the next day and headed to Hollywood Blv, where we walked the Walk of Fame, and soon called an Uber to Hollywood Hills. He dropped us of at the foot and the climb to the Hollywood Sign began.

In the afternoon we visited Venice beach and Santa Monica Pier, where we enjoyed in the magical sunset. This place was honestly amazing, especially in the golden hour.

Okay, *story time*. When I was in primary school, I was obsessed with watching MTV’s Laguna Beach. And when I say obsessed I mean watching every episode a number of times, wishing I was there. So of course, one of the places I was looking forward most to visiting, was Laguna Beach. And since I have the best boyfriend in the world, he agreed to make my teenage dreams come true. So on a Saturday we drove there, and I was in awe. This city was even more perfect than I imagined.

When we took in all the beauty and tried an acai bowl (that was a must :D), we drove back to LA to visit the Griffith Observatory. Another famous spot that attracts many tourists, righteously so.

On Sunday, 30 April, we left our LA Airbnb and headed to our next destination: San Luis Obispo. We decided to take the scenic route (ALWAYS TAKE THE SCENIC ROUTE :D) and marveled at the wonderful Mulholland Road.
Driving on Hwy 1 (famous American highway that runs along most of the Pacific Coastline) we made many stops and enjoyed in amazing views and glorious cliffs. We also visited Santa Barbara which in a lovely little town, full of mosaics, flowers and colors.

Finally, we arrived in San Luis Obispo and quickly fell sound asleep after a whole day filled with adventures. This is it for the first part, hopefully you guys enjoyed my little diary. Stay tuned for the second part! :)  


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