US diary // part 2

3. 06. 17

Okay, so let’s proceed with my little US saga, shall we.

The first day of May started perfectly. We woke up in a sunny San Luis Obispo, packed our bags, said goodbye to our lovely Airbnb and headed for breakfast. We found this cute little caffee called Sky Café, where we ordered pancakes, filled ourselves with caffeine, walked around the town and then took off. Our next destination was Salinas, but of course we made some stops along the way.

Hwy 1 is surrounded by beautiful nature and many hidden beaches. It kind of reminded us of Ireland, because of the endless cliffs and yellow flowers everywhere.

We accidentally stumbled upon the Elephant Seal Vista Point that offers epic views of breading elephant seals and which left us speechless.

On our way, we stopped in a cute little town San Simeon, where we stuffed our faces with delicious burgers, walked the long pier and enjoyed in amazing view.

We continued with our way to Salinas, made a little detour and ended up in the perfect marine town Monterey. This is one of the cutest places I have ever seen and it kinda makes you feel you live in a fairytale. It’s all about pastel houses, fairy lights and boats.

After a long day, we finally arrived to Salinas and fell sound asleep. The next day we decided to drive to Big Sur (due to the landslide, a large portion of the road is currently closed, but we still wanted to see how far we can make it and how much of the famous Big Sur coast we can actually visit). Safe to say, nature did not disappoint.

Our final destination for the day was San Francisco, and as we drove along Hwy 1 we found the most glorious little beach, glistening in the golden sunlight. This was my favorite discovery of the trip and I am so glad we found this little secluded treasure.

The next morning we woke up in San Francisco, a kingdom of steep streets. We decided to take advantage of sunny day and made our way to the bike rent shop, where we rented two bikes and biked the Golden Gate Bridge and visited Sausalito – a small town on the other side of the bridge.

As you can see, we had an awesome day exploring parts of San Fran that are maybe a little bit hidden yet still amazing to visit. The next day we visited some of the more popular attractions, such as Pier 39, Coit Tower, Lombart Road, Dolores Park, Golden Gate Park, etc.

All in all, these days were amazing and writing about all the sights we have seen makes me want to go back even more! 

Stay tuned for part 3, which is coming very soon ♡       

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