11. 07. 17

The past Sunday my bf decided to take me on a surprise trip and you can't even imagine how excited I was to see where he would take me. Even though I had a couple of possible destinations in mind, I never expected to visit such beautiful places. Firstly, we stopped at the Fusine Lakes (near Tarvisio). I am talking about two stunning emerald lakes that are separated by forest paths and are guaranteed to take your breath away. It felt so good to run from Ljubljana's heat and enjoy a cooler climate while taking in exceptional views and wandering through the forest. 
We also drove to the Predil Lake, where the temperatures were a bit higher but the nature was equally beautiful. The lake is surrounded by mountains and peaks and presents a perfect getaway for sunny weekends, when the city heat becomes unbearable. The water was quite cold but that didn't stop us from dipping our feet in. Anyway, if you are searching for a little weekend trip I highly suggest driving to these lakes, where you can have a picnic and recharge your batteries for the week ahead.

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