27. 09. 17

FOMO (n.): the fear of missing out

This phenomenon is almost inevitable nowadays as we are bombarded with images of picture perfect lives (or at least so they seem). Social media channels make sure that we always know what is going on out there, who's currently soaking up the sun in Maldives, who's enjoying the sunset in America or who's hanging out at a local pub. 

There's a thin line between wanting to do something because we really like it and doing something just because it's popular. For example, you may feel like you're missing out if you are not laying on a beach in Maldives, but you may not necessarily even want to go there. Do you know what I mean? Would booking Maldives be your first travel choice or are you just inspired to go there because of a current trend?

So what can we do to overcome the so-called fomo?
I think that the best way is to accept that there are going to be things, events and moments in life that you are going to miss. And that's okay. There's no way you can experience every single thing every person is doing, because you can't be in hundred places at once. You can't even be in two places at once. So yes, you will miss out on what Susan's doing, but guess what? You are not Susan. And Susan's going to miss out on things that you are doing, because she is not you. We spend too much time thinking what others are doing instead of focusing on our own lives. 

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