SKYFINITY #2: DIY Photo Catcher

5. 12. 16

If you follow me on my Facebook Page you might have seen that me and one of my favorite people Sonia decided to collaborate and prepare 4 special Christmas-inspired  DIY projects that you can make for yourself as well as for your loved ones. She already posted the first part, an amazing DIY body butter which is the perfect remedy for dry and flaky skin. 

This week I will be sharing with you a simple yet stunning DIY which is a different way to showcase your precious moments. 

Ladies and gentleman, I present you *drumroll* THE PHOTO CATCHER

You will need:
  • your favorite photos
  • a tree branch
  • a flower crown (I bought mine in New Yorker)
  • crochet thread
  • scissors
  • scotch tape

The first step is to wrap (or glue) the flower crown headband around the tree branch. 

Tie two long pieces of thread to the branch and start braiding them (repeat this step two more times - in the middle of the branch and on the other end of the hairband). 

Glue the braid to the the back of the photo (I used scotch tape but I think it's even better if you have a glue gun).

The last thing you need to do is to simply tie the tread to each side of the branch so you can later hang it on the wall. 

And voilà! Your photo catcher is done :) 

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