21. 06. 17

My heart lives somewhere between summer and autumn. During the hottest months, it feeds on golden light, cotton candy skies reflecting in the sea, oleanders, palm tree shadows, kids laughing in the background, magnolias, and stargazing. It feeds on the smell of the pavement after it rains, reading books, and dandelion fluff.

I love rainy summers, filled with thunderstorms and crashing waves. I love running home and feeling raindrops on my skin. Swimming in the sea and waiting for the dark clouds to finally give up and let rain through. Distant lightning flashing on the horizon, making us feel like we should remember that moment forever.

Every summer has its own meaning. Some are defined by hiding and running from thunderstorms, others smell of linen and fresh cut grass. Some are full of adventures, wilderness and freedom, others bring the comfortable feeling of being home. Can't wait to see what summer 2017's gonna be like! :)

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