Three songs, three stories

23. 01. 18

There are, and always will be, songs that remind us of a certain memory, person or feeling. It's so funny to think that I listened to a particular song a couple of years ago, yet when I hear it now, the sound magically transports me back to that place and nearly sends me back in time. I know it sounds kind of cliché but to me music is as close to magic as you can get. Sometimes I feel (as we probably all do) like a certain song speaks directly to me, straight to my soul.
My music taste varies a lot. And when I say a lot I mean from my soul melting to the songs of The National to knowing all of Eminem's lyrics by heart. So this time I thought I would mention three songs and tell you the stories that come to my mind when I hear them.

This song takes me back to summer 2012, when me and my friend Bojana headed to Firenze to learn Italian and spent 2 weeks there. I listened to this song every morning as I got ready, and I swear I can still hear the Italian traffic on the street outside of my window. It makes me feel warm and I can almost feel the summer heat on my skin when I hear it.

It was a summer of 2014 and I spent a couple of days at my friend Mia's house on the Slovenian coast. It was one of those rainy summers, when we baked pies, complained about the wet pavements and almost burnt the house down (but that's a whole other story). This song was Mia's ringtone and we started singing it every time her phone rang. It brings up so many nice memories and makes me miss her a whole lot.

Okay so this was mine and my bf's California theme song. We heard it on the radio for at least three times a day and if I close my eyes I can almost pretend that I am sitting next to him in our Mustang, cruising through the streets of LA. It reminds me of how happy and free I felt, how beyond epic this trip was and how much I want to visit USA again.

I think that if remembering moments you thought everyday life erased from your memory is not magic than I don’t know what is.  Do you have any songs that remind you of a certain time in your life? Tell in me the comments below, I would love to hear your ‘music stories’.

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