Be the light

22. 06. 16

I am most annoyed by people who point out other people’s insecurities and are just plain mean without a reason. Why not make somebody’s day and be kind? Be the one who finds gold. Be the one who builds people up, puts their insecurities to sleep, remind them they’re special and magical. Be light in a too often dim world. Be the best version of yourself and throw kindness around like confetti (*Chandler’s voice*: Can this post BE more clichéd?:D).

One of my goals in life is to be one of those people who are just light. Who radiate positivity, have the warmest look in their eyes and are genuinely genuine (oh dear :D). The type of people you would want to surround yourself with.

Anyway I feel like this post is a tad weird, so I better stop :D here are some outfit photos we took a few days ago, hope you like it :)

7 komentarjev:

  1. Avtor je odstranil ta komentar.

  2. popolnoma se strinjam s teboj! Sama na žalost delam v okolju, ki je obdan s takšnimi ljudmi, ljudmi, ki uživajo ob tem, da hodijo po drugih. Tudi jaz poskušam biti the light, in tvoj post me je inspiriral, da grem še bolj v tej smeri.
    + totalno hud outfit!

    1. Joj, to zna bit kar stresno :/ in me najbolj veseli, da sem te inspirirala #lifegoal :D
      Hvala za awesome komentar <3

  3. WORD!
    Btw your style is on point :)

  4. WORD!
    Btw your style is on point :)


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