Halcyon days #2

8. 06. 16

In May 2016 I have been

making : memories
drinking : strawberry lemonades
reading : The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins
wanting : to dance around 24/7 (May has been a very good month for me)
playing : with my hair (as I have been doing since age 3)
wishing : I would live by the sea
waiting : for flights
loving : wandering around Ireland
watching : 7th heaven (major throwback, lolz)
marvelling : at the cliffs
needing : nothing really, since I have come to the conclusion I have basically everything I need and more
smelling : roses and peonies
wearing : my favorite rose gold unicorn necklace
noticing : the golden light at the end of each day
bookmarking : Thought Catalog 
disliking : buses without air conditioning
giggling : at myself
listening : to Andrew Belle, Justin Timberlake and Vance Joy
revisiting : airports
contemplating : to wear or not to wear tights under skirts #firstworldproblems
feeling : blessed

*the 'you are better than unicorns' photo is taken from Pinterest*

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