5. 06. 16

What I am craving is: a week of barefoot living, where each night has a campfire, and then when it goes out, it's a salt and pepper jet black starry sky. I'd just love to wake up bundled right next to the ocean, with the sounds of waves as my alarm. Same with a long stretch of beach where I'd love lots and lots of hammock time, and just sitting there in silence. It would be a nice week without worries or wifi, with only backpack, a cozy blanket, a camera, great book, and a journal. And maybe a guitar. If I knew how to actually play one. 
Basically some quality time that's off the grid, but totally filled with what I love. Yeah, that's what I'm craving. And if I'm going to be completely honest, I'd definitely have to throw some pizza and ice cream in there too. 'Cause I am pretty sure pizza tastes as good as skinny feels. Actually, it tastes even better #pizzaforevs. 

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