18. 05. 16

There is time and there is magic in all of us. Whether you study literature or physics, if you find comfort in the library or on the highest cliff overlooking the ocean that leads to rethinking your whole life. Whether you work from home or are stuck in traffic jams every morning and afternoon. There is magic in everything you create, whether you don't show it to anyone or decide to scream it into the world. There’s a whole world inside us, always widening and making room for new things, new people, new adventures.

There is time, use it.
There is magic, feel it.

Through music, flowers, books, nature, laughter, writing, singing, dancing. Through taking photos, drinking lemonade, eating peanut butter cupcakes, smelling your favorite perfume, laughing with your favorite people. Through everything you love doing. 

Here are some outfit photos we took a few days ago.
And I promise - not all my jeans are ripped :D

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  1. The feels ❤❤❤❤
    Just simply LOVE your blog 🙏👏


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