Never apologize for what makes you happy

13. 05. 16

Love what you will. You hurt no one by having a heart.

If you want to color your hair pink, color it with the pinkest color on the world.
If you want to sing, go to the highest spot in your city and sing you lungs out.
If you want to play an instrument, go to the closest music store and try every instrument there is.
If someone tells you that you are tone-deaf, sing under their window until they tell you they're sorry.
If someone tells you that your personality is too colorful for his taste, find more colors in it.
If someone tells you that you are too much for his taste, duplicate, hell, triplicate.

Just do what you want to do. 
And own it.

A thousand years, I've lost time, I've come a long way.
A thousand years, I am life, I've come a long way. 

Tom Rosenthal - A Thousand Years

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